The first product of the new air purifier series will be announced at – Lifa Air
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The first product of the new air purifier series will be announced at the IFA 2022 fair

02 Sep 2022

The IFA 2022 event returns to a physical format this year and gathers September 2-6 those interested in consumer electronics to Berlin. It is one of the world's largest events in the field, and all significant representatives and experts from around the world come to the fair.

Lifa Air will be present at its own booth and the air purifier selection and new product LAX200 will be presented. "The new product is an important addition to Lifa Air's family of air purifiers and complements the already comprehensive selection in terms of size and price. This is our first device in the more affordable price range of air purifiers. Stylish Finnish design in an efficient compact package. The low sound level and top-class patented PECO filtering technology ensure that the device is an attractive option for both home and office use. In terms of its cleaning power, it is suitable for 25 m2 rooms, and thanks to its lightness, the device is easy to take with you to the cottage", says sales director Juha Tamminen from Lifa Air.

lifa air air purifier lax200

"Energy efficiency is the buzzword of the day. At the same time as awareness of the importance of clean breathing air increases, it is equally important that we are able to offer solutions for air purification that meet the needs. An example of this is the new LAX200, which also works, for example, as a workstation-specific cleaner thanks to the convenient air controller, enabling clean breathing air in a limited area. The device also adjusts the power itself according to the need for cleaning. Another example is our personal portable air purifier 6GCool, which creates a clean air space for its user. That is, instead of cleaning the air in the entire space, clean air is filtered only for the user's breathing zone. This is a sensible use of energy”, continues Tamminen.

Are you interested in hearing more? Or are you at IFA? Contact sales director Juha Tamminen, who will be present at the fair on September 2-6, 2022. We are happy to present the news and tell you more.

Visit the LAX200 product page

Juha Tamminen
Sales Director
+358 50 3777 992

You can find Lifa Air in the hall on 8.1. and from booth 110. Welcome!

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