First-class Finnish face masks

Lifa Air has been a pioneer of clean and healthy air since 1988. Our innovative air purifiers and professional solutions are a result of years of research and development – a feat of Finnish air purification technology. Now, we have harnessed this skill and expertise for the development of face masks. Lifa Air face masks represent first-class Finnish quality. In addition to the high – up to 99% – filtration capacity, our face masks excel in comfort. Choose a safe, Finnish mask – with our masks, breathing is always easy.

Differences between masks

Different mask types can be divided roughly into two groups: disposable respirators and medical face masks. Both of these are sold for consumer and professional use. The crucial difference between these two types is that medical face masks only filter exhaled air, whereas respirator filtration works in both directions. There is a wide range of masks available on the market, and media outlets, in particular, tend to use several terms when discussing face mask products. We have listed and explained different mask types and their correct names below.

  • Respirator: Respirators are FFP2 and FFP3 masks, which are more efficient than basic nose-mouth masks. They are also suitable for demanding professional use.
  • Mask, face mask: In most cases, a face mask refers to a disposable face mask intended for consumer use or any type of mask in general.
  • Medical face mask: Nose-mouth mask is a more official name for a disposable face mask. It is the same as a surgical mask.

Fabric masks are face masks made of fabric but they have hardly anything to do with surgical masks or respirators.

What is the best face mask for me?

We recommend learning about different mask types and considering for which purpose you need the mask. Many diseases, such as influenza, COVID-19 and measles, are transmitted via aerosols. FFP2 and FFP3 respirators provide the best protection against harmful particles and diseases and protect both the user and other people. A surgical mask protects others from the impurities in the air exhaled by the mask user, but not to the extent a respirator does.

Here you can find more information about different face masks and the guide we wrote for choosing the right size: Choose the right size - read the guide to choosing respirators

FFP2 Respirator

When you want to protect other people and yourself, choose an FFP2 respirator. Our selection includes a wide range of FFP2 respirators that filter out 94–99% of harmful particles, viruses and bacteria when you inhale and exhale. In addition to filtration capacity, we have focused on mask design and comfort to ensure the best possible user experience. Our masks are fixed behind the head or ears, and some of the models are equipped with a valve. Our new Fish Type mask is particularly comfortable to use.

Learn more and buy: Lifa Air FFP2 Respirator

The FFP3 Respirator is our most efficient mask

The Lifa Air FFP3 respirator is the best choice when you want maximum protection against harmful fine particles, bacteria and viruses for yourself and those around you. This extremely efficient respirator has a maximum filtration rate of 99%, and it even helps protect you from radioactive fallout. It is also ideal for demanding professional use. Special attention has been paid to the design of the mask: with two size options and more room for breathing, the mask ensures optimal comfort.

Learn more and buy: Lifa Air FFP3 Respirator

Medical face mask for light protection

Medical face masks are divided into three types: I, II and IIR. Lifa Air’s type I masks have a maximum bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 95%. Our type IIR masks have a slightly higher filtration efficiency, 98%, and they are splash-proof. Medical face masks are intended for medical use in situations where there is no risk of infection.

Medical face masks are available in different colours and patterns: for example, a black face mask is always a stylish choice, but you can also brighten up your day with a red, yellow or patterned mask. Browse all our medical face masks here.

What are face masks or respirators needed for?

The answer is simple: masks protect both the wearer and those around them from airborne diseases and harmful fine particles.

Why are masks necessary during the influenza season and pandemics? Viruses – including COVID-19 and influenza – are mainly transmitted via droplets and aerosols. An infected person spreads small droplets containing virus particles around them when they cough or sneeze. If the particles are allowed to travel through the air and enter other people’s mucous membranes, they may also get infected. A nose-mouth mask filters out some of the droplets, hindering the transmission of the virus. A respirator provides efficient protection for both the respirator user and other people. For example, if you are visiting an elderly relative during the influenza season, use a respirator.

Originally, respirators were intended for professional use against dust, for example. Nose-mouth masks have been mainly in medical use(kirurgiset maskit). At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for masks expanded to the general public. People have also become more aware of the benefits of face masks during the influenza and pollen season.

Learn more about the benefits of clean air and air purification.

Choose a high-quality mask made in Finland

A Finnish mask is a high-quality and safe choice. All Lifa Air masks are made of skin-friendly, allergy-tested materials that do not contain glass fibre, nickel or latex. Our masks do not irritate the skin and they have a low breathing resistance. Our odourless, chemical-free masks are also ideal for people with allergies or asthma.

Lifa Air face masks are completely traceable: they are manufactured in our own production plant in Espoo, Finland. Finland’s national public broadcasting company Yleisradio wrote an article about our plant, which has also been visited by President Sauli Niinistö.

We launched the Finnish production of surgical nose-mouth masks and respirators to support Finland’s security of supply in April 2020, when there was a shortage of protective equipment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, we had been manufacturing KN95 respirators for both consumer and professional use in China for several years.

Our Finnish products bear the Key Flag Symbol granted by the Association for Finnish Work. Our masks have also been CE certified, indicating that necessary product inspections have been carried out and the products meet the EU’s safety, health and environmental requirements. In addition, our production of surgical nose-mouth masks has received the ISO 13485:2016 certificate.

Buy Lifa Air masks easily from our webstore and resellers

When you want to ensure your health security, choose Lifa Air’s Finnish face mask. Protect yourself and those around you efficiently and reliably, while supporting Finnish work and our national economy.

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