Lifa Air as a partner of the Finnish Olympic team towards the Olympics
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Lifa Air as a partner of the Finnish Olympic team towards the third Olympics

29 Sep 2022

Lifa Air, which manufactures products related to air hygiene, signed a cooperation agreement with the Finnish Olympic team during the Tokyo Summer Games in 2021. With the new agreement, the cooperation will continue until the Paris Summer Games in 2024.

When the Finnish Olympic team traveled to the 2021 Tokyo Summer Games, the world's biggest sporting event was ahead, which had already been postponed once due to the corona pandemic. Many doubted the health safety of the games. Doubts withered away when the corona disaster did not happen, as the team's chief doctor Maarit Valtonen stated in her blog.

The health and safety of the games was taken care of with vaccinations, testing, washing hands and cleaning the air and surfaces. Lifa Air's surgical masks were worn everywhere else, except during sports performances, eating and in one's own room. Lifa Air's sales director Juha Tamminen was surprised by how much media coverage the masks got during the Games.

- We manufactured a special batch of masks with the logo of the Olympic team for the games in a factory located in Finland. They stood out from the basic masks and athletes from other countries did not have similar ones at the time. In addition to the appearance, the first-class quality of the product and the fact that allergy-tested materials have been used for their production were of course important.

For the Beijing Winter Games in early 2022, the team was equipped with FFP2 and FFP3 level respirators. Special expert Sari Rimpiläinen from the Olympic Committee, who was part of the competition team, considers the role of masks essential in terms of health safety.

- Especially for athletes, it is important that the masks protect both themselves and others, because the everyday life of the competition team is lived closely together. The team members found their favorites from the different models and size options of Lifa Air. Individually packaged masks were also hygienic to use.

Bring air purifiers on trips to the races

In the future, Lifa Air will also supply air purifiers for use by the Olympic Committee's competition teams. The next Summer Olympics will be held in Paris in 2024, but before then the Olympic Committee is involved in organizing numerous other international multi-sport games.

- Next year, the Universiade for 17–25 year olds, the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) for 14–18 year olds and the European Games for adult athletes are coming up, says Rimpiläinen.

The Universiade is organized in the winter in the USA and in the summer in China, the EYOF competitions in the winter in Italy and in the summer in Slovenia. The European Games are in Poland. The Olympic Committee's competition program for 2023–2024 also includes the Youth Winter Olympics in South Korea in January 2024.

- We are responsible for the participation of six multi-sport teams in international games before the Paris Olympics. It is important for us to take care of the health and safety of all teams, Rimpiläinen sums up and thanks Lifa Air for the well-functioning cooperation.

- We have received everything necessary that has been ordered from Lifa Air. The deliveries have also been fast.

Lifa Air's Tamminen is also satisfied with the extension agreement signed with the Olympic Committee.

- The coronavirus pandemic has awakened people to notice the importance of clean air for health and well-being. We now know how, with little effort, you can prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens at sporting events, training facilities and anywhere people gather.

- It is important for athletes to avoid unnecessary infections, which can interrupt training and, at worst, ruin an entire competition season. For us, athletes represent pioneers and trendsetters in health safety.

- It has been really great to be able to support Olympic-level athletes' journey to the top. With the new agreement, the cooperation expands from masks to air purifiers and from adult competitions to youth competitions. We believe that long-term work produces the best results in both sports and business, Tamminen states.

More information:

Finnish Olympic Committee: marketing and customer relationship manager Ville Köngäs, tel. 050 356 7234

Lifa Air Plc: marketing director Juha Uppa, tel. 045 118 9585

The Finnish Olympic Committee is a national exercise and sports organization that works to ensure that Finns move more and succeed in elite sports. Together with our member organizations and partners, we build vitality in Finland from exercise and sports.

Lifa Air is a Finnish technology company founded in 1988 offering solutions for clean breathing air, whose head office is located in Helsinki. Lifa Air's business is divided into three business areas, which are air purifiers, respirators and surgical mouth-nose masks, as well as ventilation hygiene products. Lifa Air's domestic mask products have a key ticket code.;

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