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Air pollution linked to antibiotic resistance

10 Aug 2023

The single largest environmental risk to public health is air pollution. Both short-term and long-term exposure to air pollution can have numerous health effects. Antibiotic resistance on the other hand is one of the fastest-growing threats to global health. According to estimates, it is already killing 1,3 million people a year, and it can affect people of any age in any country (Air pollution linked to rise in antibiotic resistance that imperils human health, The Guardian). Although the main causes for antibiotic resistance are still the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, the scientists have now found (Association between particulate matter (PM)2·5 air pollution and clinical antibiotic resistance: a global analysis, The Lancet) an alarming link between air pollution and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Increases in air pollution levels coincide with larger rises in antibiotic resistance. 

Reducing air pollution could also help reduce antibiotic resistance. It is also known that controlling air pollution could reduce deaths and economic costs originating from antibiotic-resistant infections. Therefore, it is beyond beneficial to lower the air pollution levels and luckily there are multiple ways this can be done. Read more about Lifa Air’s solutions for air purification and personal protection from air pollutants:

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