Genano and Lifa Air Join Forces to Establish Pallas Air
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Genano and Lifa Air Join Forces to Establish Pallas Air

06 Feb 2024

Genano Ltd and Lifa Air Ltd, both leading Finnish air purification companies, are pleased to announce the formation of a new holding company, Pallas Air Plc. This strategic move is aimed at fortifying our commitment to providing innovative air purification solutions while offering expanded services to our valued customers.


A Strategic Move for Enhanced Capabilities

Genano and Lifa Air have established Pallas Air Plc, which serves as a holding company primarily offering administrative services to both Genano and Lifa Air. This strategic merger creates synergy that enables the provision of more diverse and technically advanced solutions to customers, thereby supporting the growth and success of their businesses in the future. 

Despite this strategic merger, both Genano and Lifa Air will continue to operate independently, upholding their individual commitments to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Customers' primary contact person and their contact information will remain unchanged. 


The Pallas Air Plc. Advantage: Uniting Strengths for Mutual Success

Genano and Lifa Air brands and product portfolios will also remain unchanged, but this merger offers exciting possibilities for cross-sales opportunities in the future. The new chapter as Pallas Air Plc. marks the beginning of continued collaboration and mutual success.

Pallas Air Plc. takes its name from Pallas, a national park in Finland known for having the cleanest air in the world. This reference underscores the dedication to delivering the purest air quality to customers and patients all around the globe. Everyone values the peace of mind and health benefits that come with breathing clean air.

The companies greatly value the ongoing relationships with their customers and extend sincere appreciation for the continued support during this transition. Should there be any questions or a need for further clarification, customers are encouraged to reach out.


For more information about Genano's products, please visit

For more information about Lifa Air's products, please visit

For more information about Pallas Air, please visit:

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