Qualification & Recognitions

Lifa Air Qualification

Lifa Air holds a number of memberships of the international and Finnish authorities in air purification


EVHA Qualification NADCA Qualification IKECA Qualification Sisailmayhdistys Qualification
SAP Qualification Vahinkopalvelut Qualification Tekninen Qualification


Research and product development partners 

VTT Partnership University of Helsinki Partnership Business Finland Partnership
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Partnership Lappeenranta University of Technology Partnership



Lifa Air Certificate of Approval ISO 9001 + 14001, English
Lifa Air Certificate of Approval ISO 9001 + 14001, Finnish

Lifa Air Certificate of Approval ISO13485, English
Lifa Air Certificate of Approval ISO13485, Finnish

Lifa Air 20 Years ISO 9001 + 14001 Lifa Air ISO 9001 + 14001 UKAS Certified Quality Management


Lifa Air Recognitions


Participation into new industry guidelines by European Ventilation Hygiene Association (“Dry dust cleaning” and “Grease cleaning”), first edition 2006 and latest 2021. www.evha.eu

Development of a new cleaning and disinfection method for HVAC cooling/heating beams. http://htsairaala.vtt.fi/english.htm High Tech Hospital research project 2011-2014 (test results presentation from Lifa Air available in English).

Development of standardized training program in vocational training schools for HVAC services, Finland 2010-2013 https://www.sakky.fi/iv-puhtaaksi-hanke (in Finnish only). Lifa Air as member of the board in project and invited industry expert for several sub-projects (e.g. grease thickness measuring method in extract ducts)

AIRSECURE - Risk-based detection and protective filtration system for airports against airborne chemical, biological or radiological hazards. 10.6.2008 Brussel, Belgium. Arranged by European Commission, DG Research (Defence) in NATO headquarters for invited military and industry specialists.

European Standard EN 15870:2011. Ductwork - Cleanliness of ventilation systems (in existing buildings). LIFA participation in draft and final phase as invited industry expert by CEN TC156

LIFA / K. Haapalainen as co-writer of REHVA Guidebook no 8:2007 “New guidelines for maintenance of clean and hygienic HVAC systems” www.rehva.eu

"Creative concept for ventilation systems"
2003 NADCA Annual Meeting, the United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale

"Excellent method for cleaning of central air-conditioning systems"
FISIAQ Annual Meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 19-20.3.2003

"Good central air conditioning systems cleaning concepts"
Construmat International Building Materials Exhibition, Spain, Barcelona, 29.5.2003

"Innovative technology for improving indoor air quality"
Taltek exhibition, Finland, Helsinki, 19-20.11.2003

"European standards and CEN Technical Working Group 156-- ventilation of buildings"
Eurapean Ventilation Hygiene Association (EVHA) meeting, Italy, Rome, 16.4.2004

"How effective solution suspended the air pollutants and health hazards."
"The hospital indoor air quality in the era of AIDS and SARS," Medical Seminar, Lisbon, Portugal, 5.6.2004

"Excellent solutions and impressive research work"
ICVH & EVHA joint meeting of Sweden, Stockholm, 17.9.2004

"Practical solution for Middle-East region"
Saudi Arabia 2004 environmental protection annual Conference

"Remarkable solutions for indoor air quality, meets the international standards completely"
Expotech Luxembourg, 21.4.2005

“Indoor Air Quality experts”
FISIAQ at the 2000-2004 annual seminar

"SARS emergency filtration system"
Finland University of Helsinki seminar for medical isolation wards, 11.3.2003

"Development of advanced air filters" and "concepts of clean ventilation systems"
Healthy Buildings 2003 Symposium, 7-11.12.2003

"Isolation and filtering"
25th Finland hospital seminar, Finland, Helsinki, 11-12.02.2004

"Indoor air quality in hospital"
ASCE 41st Annual Meeting, Orlando, 24.7.2004

"Indoor air quality in hospital"
International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) 17th meeting United States Orlando, 25-29.07.2004