3G Filtration Technology

Awarded Innovation by LIFA Air, Invented Together with the World's leading IAQ Scientists and Professionals.

Groundbreaking solution, now available for everyone

Patented 3G air filtration technology is the cornerstone of Lifa Air's worldwide success. 3G stands for “3-in-1 GREEN filter“. The advantages are high efficiency for removing (1) fine particles, (2) bacteria & virus and (3) harmful gases together with massive dust holding capacity achieved in extremely low pressure drop. Standard 3G-filter removes >99,99 % of PM2.5 and >95 % of gases.

High class filtration for all particle sizes

The technology was developed by Lifa Air and the Finnish national technical research center (VTT) over several years, resulting in the discovery of an extremely advanced filtration solution. With unique materials and structure, 3G-filters are capable of filtering an wide range of contaminants. Standard 3G-filters can remove >99,95 % of PM0.3, >99,99 % of PM2.5 and >95% of gases & TVOC. All this comes with a very low pressure drop and energy consumption.

The 3G-filters are designed to be used in harsh, polluted and moist conditions. Official tests conducted by authorities show that no other filter can retain its filtration efficiency and low pressure drop after extreme loading with diesel particles. This guarantees huge energy savings and less frequent filter changes.