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Winter sports in Salpausselkä - air hygiene plays an important role

17 Feb 2022

The almost hundred-year-old institution brings together nordic skiing professionals in Lahti. Immediately after the Olympics, February 25-27 2022, organized games were held for the first time in 1923.

Lifa Air acts as a health safety partner for the Games. "It's great to be involved in traditional competitions to ensure the health and safety of athletes and staff as well as guests", says the sales director Juha Tamminen From Lifa Air (pictured left).

Secretary General of the Salpausselä Games Tomi-Pekka Kolu says that "the organizers have received clear instructions from the International Ski Federation (FIS). The competitions are held in all their glory and guests are promised plenty of program. At the same time, of course, we need to make sure that the measures required by the corona pandemic are taken correctly.”

Finland's largest winter sports event

“The ticket sales have been steady all the time and we expect a lot of people to the happening. This is Finland's largest winter sports event. In addition to local and national guidelines, the COVID-19 guidelines of the International Ski Association are followed in the competition. We have detailed instructions for the public, volunteers, the media and competitors. Preparations have been ongoing throughout the year ", Kolu says.

Lifa Air will help us arrange the event safely. We have respirators for competitors and staff as well as volunteers. In addition, there are masks distributed to the public. Efficient indoor air purifiers are available throughout the event” , continues Kolu.

“Indoors where keeping a distance is not possible, it is essential to maintain good air hygiene. Air purifiers secure e.g. locker rooms where several different people visit at the same time or right after each ofther. Air purifiers continuously clean the air, thereby diluting the particle content of the air. Thanks to its space-saving design, durable metal construction and efficient air production, the LA500 and LA300 series cleaners are well-suited for events ”, says Tamminen from Lifa Air.

“For example, when talking or coughing, aerosols, or tiny particles, are released into the air that can stay in the air for hours. For this reason, continuous air purification is essential. With efficient air purifiers, we are able to contribute to a safe environment. In addition, respirators prevent an individual from spreading the virus. Air purifiers are also used in VIP rooms and in the competition office, where many people are constantly moving ”, continues Tamminen.


More information:

Salpausselä Games, Secretary General Tomi-Pekka Kolu,
+358 40 0818 611 /

Lifa Air Oy, Sales Director Juha Tamminen,
+358 50 3777 992 /

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