The Finnish Olympic team has chosen Lifa Air as its health safety part
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The Finnish Olympic team has chosen Lifa Air as its health safety partner

14 Apr 2021
The Finnish Olympic Team is Finlands most watched national team, preparing for two consecutive Games when the Tokyo Summer Olympics take place in July this year and the Beijing Winter Games in February 2022.

During its history, the Finnish Olympic team has won a total of 475 medals and 147 Olympic gold. Preparations for the upcoming Games has been very exceptional due to the corona pandemic. The once-relocated Tokyo Olympics will focus on health security to ensure the safety of athletes and backing forces.

The Finnish Olympic team has chosen Lifa Air as its health safety partner, and Lifa Airs domestic mouth-nose pads and respirators travel with the team to the Olympics.

“As a domestic producer, we are honored to support Finnish sports and to increase the health safety of the Games with our own expertise. It is a huge international effort and every athlete and team member needs to have access to the best possible mask products. Although the mask as a technical product suddenly sounds simple, there is extensive development and testing work behind it to ensure a top quality product. When the product is used in front of the airways and for long periods of time, it is absolutely important that the product is clean and has not been chemically treated, ”says Vesa Mäkipää, Chairman of the Board of Lifa Air.

“As a domestic clean air expert, Lifa Air was already familiar to us and it seemed natural to start a conversation with them. It is important to us that mask products are domestic and safe to use. Everything is tuned to the top in race preparations, and we make no exception here either. Health safety is a big thing and we want to develop it in cooperation with Lifa Air. It was also very positive that Lifa Air also has previous experience of the Olympics. We have a common blue and white message; for cleaner air - together. ”explains Ville Köngäs, Marketing Manager of the Olympic team.

“We built a training center focused on ventilation and cleaning at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to help race organizers ensure that ventilation systems do not spread airborne diseases. It’s great to be able to collaborate on the Olympics again. We also have to offer the Finnish team something that other countries do not have at their disposal. ” Mäkipää mysteriously suggests.

More information:
Lifa Air, Juha Uppa tel. 045 118 9585 /
Olympic Committee, Ville Köngäs tel. +358 40 962 5463 /
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