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Air hygiene in schools plays an important role when counter attacking covid-19

18 Nov 2021

From early spring 2020, it became clear that demand for products in the air purification product group would increase globally. Lifa Air was able to prepare for this, as the company's products had been needed in the past to fight pandemics in Asia. Soon the corona pandemic had reached Finland as well, and it was not known, of course, how extensively the pandemic would affect Finland and how persistently the virus would continue to spread despite the closure measures of society.

The virus spreads among those who are most susceptible to it. One group is schoolchildren who do not have vaccinations. “With our products, we want to ensure the safety and air hygiene of schools in contact teaching. Lifa Air's products are ideal for everyday school life due to their ease of use and efficiency. We work with several schools and are able to provide everything that is needed for good air hygiene; indoor air purifiers for personal use as well as high quality face masks. My message is this: the pandemic is not over, but there are products to manage and protect against it. And above all, these products can be used immediately, says Juha Tamminen, Sales Director of Lifa Air. As a customer, we have schools that have made extensive use of all means to prevent the spread of the virus and the results are really good, Tamminen continues.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, distance school and safety intervals have become familiar to schoolchildren. Munkkiniemi Co-educational School in Helsinki wanted to ensure a safe learning environment for both students and teachers and to use all available means to do so. To increase health safety, air purifiers were procured for the school in the spring for each classroom in the school, as well as for all facilities where others meet, such as the canteen and teachers ’room. In addition, surgical masks have been used at the school. About half of the teachers have also introduced a personal air purifier.

6GCool - personal air purifier

 “We wanted to do everything we could to ensure safe schooling. We have been very pleased with Lifa's products and easy-to-use air purifiers. We have avoided the coronavirus well and this is because we have done things safely, says Rector Aki Holopainen. The most important thing for us is the well-being of the students and staff of our own school. In such acquisitions, it is also important that we favor a domestic company from which we receive service quickly. The parents of the school's pupils have also asked the principal: how the school has prepared for the challenges that cause corona. And of course this is also an occupational safety issue, ”Holopainen continues.Maskeilu maski - avaruus lasten tekemä

Health safety above is the red thread of Lifa Air Oy's air hygiene solutions and is made possible by diluting the amount of airborne viruses and bacteria with air purifiers, personal air purifiers and respirators, as well as surgical masks.


For more information, please contact:

Juha Tamminen
+358 50 377 7992

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