Lifa Air's Maskimaatti to help with the pandemic fight
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Lifa Air's Maskimaatti to help with the pandemic fight

22 Sep 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but fortunately the range of remedies against the pandemic has also grown. The latest is the Maskimaatti vending machines, the first of which will come to the Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki. The vending machines of the Finnish mask manufacturer, Lifa Air, meet the needs of both city dwellers and those in a hurry to work with the help of a diverse range of masks. The opening of Finland's first mask vending machines will be held on Thursday 24 September. from 16:00 to 18:00 at Kamppi E-level.

“With the help of the Maskimaatti, we want to meet the demand in places where there are a lot of people and facilitate the availability of masks, especially at public transport hubs. As a domestic manufacturer of personal masks and respirators, we want to find new ways to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. For this need, together with our Finnish partners, we developed Maskimaatti vending machines, ”says Juha Uppa, Marketing Manager at Lifa Air.

“We have received inquiries about the suitability of masks for children or small-faced people, for example. We want to use Maskimaatti to meet demand and offer products of different sizes, Uppa continues. Pack sizes have also been designed to meet sudden needs, for example for a bus trip. We are glad that the first equipment will be available in the lively Kamppi. At the opening ceremony on Thursday 24.9. we distribute 1,000 domestic mouthguards to customers at the same time as our instructions on how to buy products from Maskimaatti in the future." The Finnish Toygroup Oy is responsible for the distribution and operation of the vending machines.

Additional information:
Sales Director, Toygroup, Tommi Hvitfelt: 044 033 1450 /
Marketing Manager, Lifa Air, Juha Uppa: 045 118 9585 /

Lifa Air in brief:
Lifa Air is a Finnish technology company and a leading expert in clean air solutions. Our position is based on our long experience in the development and production of air cleaning products for the needs of both domestic and international customers. Our product development is constantly working on new material and product innovations so that our customers will continue to receive top-quality products from us.
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