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Domestic face masks for the Beijing Games - health safety first

12 Oct 2021

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held from 4 to 20 February 2022. Even stricter corona measures in a tight race bubble are planned. Lifa Air supports the health safety of the Finnish Olympic team by equipping athletes and the entire competition team with high-quality face masks and respirators made in Finland.

At the end of September, the Olympic Committee got to know Lifa Air's mask production together with biathlete Mari Eder. Lifa Air's Technical Director Eppu Mäkipää, Marketing Director Juha Uppa and Sales Director Juha Tamminen presented the production of masks, ie surgical masks and respirators, step by step.

- The quality of the filter cloth inside the mask determines the performance of the mask. To our knowledge, we are the only factory in Finland that manufactures filter cloth for masks. We manufacture the filter fabric with meltblowing technology, Mäkipää says.

Guests were able to take a peek at Lifa Air’s test line, which measures fabric filtration capacity and pressure drop, among other things.

- The hospital-level mask must withstand high-pressure splashes. This is one standard test we have. In addition, together with VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutions, we developed a device for testing pressure drop.

- The test line also includes a simulator to measure the inspiratory flow of the person wearing the mask. The line also has equipment to grow microbes. We regularly take test strips from our products and production lines so that we can demonstrate the cleanliness of our products.

Lifa Air has received good feedback on the quality of protective equipment from hospital users, who constantly use different types of masks for their work.

- We have chosen the materials carefully to make the masks as soft and comfortable to use as possible. In hospital use, for example, it is particularly important that the surface material of the mask does not collect lint, which could interfere with breathing and irritate the caregiver or physician focusing on the procedure.

- Equally important is the “invisible” quality of the mask. Our products are made from safe, allergy-tested materials and are packaged clean directly from the production line.

The Beijing Olympics are raced in high, cold and dry weather

In Beijing, masks and respirators are needed, as the city is known for its air weakened by air pollution. At the mountain races in Yanquing and Zhangjiakou, about 1,700 above sea level, the air is fresh, but also cold and dry.

Mari Eder, a biathlete aiming for the Beijing Games, already knows what the climate will be like in China if you join the competition team.

Eder says that the Finnish biathlon national team has decided to continue using masks in next season's competitions, regardless of the direction in which the corona pandemic is developing.

- Morbidity statistics from the last season show that there were fewer respiratory infections than normal. We athletes are used to a high level of hygiene anyway, but especially during value competitions, it deserves special attention.

- It is difficult to avoid close contact in airplanes and races. One should no longer go to such places without a mask. It would be really unfortunate to get any respiratory infection just when the body should be in the best possible condition.

Mari Eder works as Lifa Air's experienced expert in the use of masks.

- The operating environment of a top athlete, experience in respiratory health and travel included in the work image are a good combination for testing masks in practice.

 (Photo: Liina-Maija Rummukainen, Finnish Olympic Committee)

More information:

Finnish Olympic Committee: Anu Helin, Business Director, tel. +358 50 356 7234

Oy Lifa Air Ltd: Juha Uppa, Marketing Director, tel. +358 45 118 9585

The Finnish Olympic Committee is a national sports and sports organization that works to make Finns more mobile and successful in top sports. Together with our member organizations and partners, we build vitality from exercise and sports in Finland.

Lifa Air is a Finnish health technology company founded in 1988 and a leading expert in clean air. Lifa Air designs and manufactures top-quality surgical masks and respirators in Finland. Lifa Air's domestic products have a key flag symbol.;

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