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Lifa Air Special Cleaner 25 Multi Brushing Machine

For ducts measuring 315-800 mm; brush speed 300-570 rpm The SpecialCleaner 25 Multi is truly an all-purpose cleaner specifically designed for offices, schools, and hospitals. The SpecialCleaner 25 Multi fits...
Terms & conditions

For ducts measuring 315-800 mm; brush speed 300-570 rpm

  • Removal of all dirt by brushing and air-jetting
  • Foam and gel detergent spreading

  • Disinfectant and liquid spraying
  • Duct sealant applying

Technical Specifications

Operating Power


Operating voltage and frequency

240 VAC (or 110-120 VAC), 1 ~, 50 / 60 Hz


0,75 kW (1.0 hp)


10 A

Max torque

5 Nm (3.7 ft-lb)

Brush Connection


Brush Size Recommendation

250 - 700 mm (9.8 - 27.6")

Brush Rotation Speed

Continuous Adjustment, 225 - 580rpm

Rotation Controls

Foot Pedal, Remote Hand Control (Accessory)

Nozzle Connection

Quick Coupling

Air Volume Consumption

Nozzle Type Dependant

Measurements (H x L x W)

1290 x 1100 x 570 mm (50.8  x 43.3 x 22.4")


71 kg (157 lbs)

Cleaning Shaft

25 m (82 ft.)



Mechanical Centering Device

Hand Controller

Spray Bottle


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