Lifa Air Special Cleaner 2 Battery operated HVAC Brushing Machine

Portable light-weight unit in carry-on heavy duty box on wheels. Weight only 13 kg (28 lb). Back-pack accessory available. Easy and fast connection for the 3 different LIFA driller shafts* which are chosen as per your needs:

Wire cable (direct rectangular ducts)

Extra flexible 8 mm shaft (small round ducts with many 90- degree bends)

Flexible 10 mm shaft (both round and rectangular ducts with bends)

Technical Specifications

Operating PowerBattery Li-ion
Battery Operating TimeApprox. 4 hours
Motor250 W
Battery (Li-ion)24 VDC, 15 Ah
Charger100 - 240 VAC (3 Ah)
Brush ConnectionM12
Duct Size Recommendation80–400 mm (3–15,7“), rectangular max. 400 mm (15,7“) with wire cable
Brush Rotation SpeedContinuously Adjustable: 200 - 600 rpm
Rotation ControlsWireless hand control / Mechanical switch / Mechanical foot pedal (accessory) 

H: 540 mm (21,3")

L: 360 mm (14,2")

W: 200 mm (7,9")

Weight13 kg (28 lb)
Length of shaft3-12m (9-39 ft.) accessory