Lifa ROVER Robotic Inspection Camera with Wi-Fi Video Recording

Rover video camera investigation robot is the new generation technology for the verification of cleanliness of HVAC ventilation hygiene, dirt amount in industrial pipelines and building healthiness and renovation needs.

The high resolution 4K front and back cameras have wide-angle lenses and are specially designed for 360° angle viewing of the of video. This gives the ability to see/record videos of huge ducts, up to 150cm width/height, zoom anywhere and mark points of interest into video on-site!

Wi-Fi camera videos can be sent into cloud immediately after project, thus improving time efficiency and profitability.

Driving speed and light intensity adjustment can be changed as per environment from easy-to-use remote controller.

Accessory air quality instruments and other tools can be attached on top of the tractor, so it can also be used for localized cleaning, disinfection and/or coating of difficult to reach places.

4-wheel-drive motors are very powerful so it can easily climb uphill even with extra instruments attached onto top of it.


The axels and bearings are specially made (designed and 3D-printed by Lifa) for heavy-duty field use. Tractor wheels can also be equipped with caterpillar tracks (accessory) when needed.


Camera element has 128Gb SDS card inside (ready formatted into use by Lifa) as back-up if Wi-fi signal has interruptions. 

Rover Robotic Camera Technical Features

Technical DataDescription
Wifi Camera (front and back / 360 view)4K (128Gb SD-card included)
Joy-stick controls (RF 2,4 - 2,475 GHz)Between robot and joy-stick controls
Battery of robot (lasts for 2 hours)LiPO 4000mAh / 7,6V
Charger 100 - 230 V (50/60 Hz)800 mA (for LiPO batteries 7 - 11V)
Robot motor(s) power6V x 4 (4-wheel-drive)
Extra cable for radio controls signal10 m (33 ft.) - if driving past 90-bends
Robot size (Height, Width, Length)H 12 cm (4,7") W 18 cm (7,1") L 28 cm (11")
Weight of whole set / tractor only8,5 kg (18,5 pounds) / 1,95 kg (4,3 lb)