Lifa Air Maskimaatti

Maskimaatti – The Mask Vending Machine

Do an impressive deed - get the Maskimaatti!
The vending machine, Maskimaatti, which distributes face masks, is a novelty made in Finland. With the help of the vending machine, the availability of masks can be easily ensured in places where the use of masks is important. With the help of Maskimaatti, Lifa Air wants to fight the Covid 19 pandemic. The Maskimaatti is suitable for diverse needs for the use of both customers and staff.

Provide a mask for use easily and quickly around the clock:
  • the selection is diverse and offers masks of different sizes
  • the device is easy to place on access routes and in public spaces
  • the product range of the vending machine changes according to the need and place of use
  • pack sizes are designed according to user feedback

Ensure safety:
  • clear layout and signs help the user to choose the right product
  • the device ensures the availability of masks and promotes their use
  • creates a positive image and signals a desire to invest in security

Prefer domestic Key Flag quality:
  • all products are manufactured by the Finnish Lifa Air
  • elegant design, as well as reliable and reliable technology designed in Finland
  • the automatic filling service ensures that the device is filled, cleaned and the products are ordered and delivered


Order Maskimaatti

The Finnish Toygroup Oy is responsible for operating the Maskimaatti.

Ask for an offer: 045 134 2364 /
Measurement of the Device:
Width:74 cm
Height:181 cm
Depth:32 cm




Example locations of the Maskimaatti vending machines:

Hansa, Turku
Iso Omena, Espoo
Kamppi, Helsinki
Valkea, Oulu

It is easy to buy products and you can pay with both cards and Mobilepay application.


The device is installed by: Toygroup Oy


You can contact Toygroup for instructions:

Tel. 045 134 2364