Lifa Air LA330 Air purifier
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Lifa Air LA330 Air purifier
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Lifa Air LA330 Air Purifier

Recommended area <39m2Excellent odour and gas removerClean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 330m3/h
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Lifa Air LA330 Air purifier

Lifa Air LA330 Air Purifier


Lifa Air LA330 Air Purifier


Stylish and quiet air purifier that saves space with its round design. The air purifier takes up only 0.06 m² of floor space and works so quietly that you hardly even notice it. Due to the quiet air purification, the air purifier is perfect for small spaces such as bedrooms. In addition to households, the air purifier is also suitable for other spaces such as offices and classrooms, up to 39 m².


The air purifier is long-lasting and cost-effective as it combines a high-quality HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter. Four activated carbon plates form the gas absorbing filter which is an excellent odor and gas remover, and the long-lasting H12-filter effectively removes airborne small particles such as pollen and dandruff from pets.


The air purifier contains a convenient touch control, which allows you to adjust the purifier's fan speed. The LA330 air purifier also includes the intelligent Smart Controller, which independently controls the operation of the air purifier and displays real-time information on indoor air quality. With the Smart Controller, you can monitor a number of different parameters such as the amount of PM2.5 particles, TVOC levels, relative humidity, and the room temperature.





Particle CADR 

330 m³/h 

Formaldehyde CADR 

140 m³/h 

Particle Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) 

P4 Level 

Formaldehyde Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) 

F4 Level 

Recommended area max. 

39 m² 

PM2.5 removal 

99.99 % (30min) @ 30 m² 

Bacteria removal 

99.99 % (30 min) @ 30 m² 

Power consumption max. 

45 W 

Noise level 

Sleep Mode 33 dB (A) 

Turbo Mode 66 dB (A) 

Net Weight 

10 kg 

Product Dimension 

Ø 250 mm x 505 mm 




Filtration type 

Filter model 


Filtration class 


Particulate Filter 




HEPA 12 

1 pc. 

Gas and Odor Filter 


Activated carbon 1 kg 

1 pc. 

The normal replacement cycle for filters is more than one year in a normal home environment. If indoor formaldehyde levels do exceed the safe levels, then the activated carbon barrel can be replaced separately.  All replaceable parts are available in Lifa Air web shop. 


Smart Controller 

Smart Controller 


Smart Controller’s sensors 

PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, Temperature, Relative humidity 


Mobile application 

iOS, Android 


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