Lifa Air LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier

  • Recommended area <140m2
  • Fresh Air Purifier for Buildings
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 200m3/h

Clean and Fresh Air

The intelligent LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier delivers fresh and filtered outdoor air indoors! LAF200 can be used at home, but also in schools and offices because of the silent and efficient operation. The Fresh Air Purifier effectively reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, which improves the well-being and concentration of people indoors.

Clean Air During Renovation

The purifier is perfect for spaces with moisture damage. While the Fresh Air Purifier does not remove the moisture damage, it ensures the safety and well-being of the people staying in these premises until the renovation.

Technical Specifications

Fresh Air Mode

Fresh Air Flow Rate180 m³ / h
Exhaust Air Flow Rate55 m³ / h
PM2.5 Filtration Efficiency99.4 % at the first pass
Air Exchange Efficiency≥ 90 %
Noise Level≤ 50 dB (A)
Power Consumption

Purification Mode 60W

Heater Mode 360W

Standby 0.2W

Air Purifier Mode

Particulate CADR200 m³ / h
Particulate CCMP4 Level
Formaldehyde CADR25 m³ / h
TVOC CADR55 m³ / h
CADR CO265 m³ / h
Degerming Rate (Staphylococcus Aureus)99.5 %
Noise Level≤ 50 dB (A)
Power Consumption

Purification Mode 60W

Standby 0.2W


Product Dimensions318 x 200 x 945 mm
Net Weight16,4 kg
Recommended Area Max.38
Attachment MethodWall-Mounted
Smart ControllerLAM05
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