Lifa Air Duct Cleaner Robot Remote Controlled Electric Brushing Machine

Lifa Air Duct Cleaner Robot is THE electric brushing robot for horizontal air ducts (300 - 900 mm / 12-35”) and industrial pipelines. The Cleaner Robot can also be used separately as video inspection robot. With the camera, it’s possible to monitor the cleaning process and verify the result in real time and also record video in digital format. 

The combination of a remote controlled lifting arm, cameras and lighting with a powerful brush motor and wheel traction motors results into the most advanced and easy-to-use cleaning robot on the market – especially with the largest selection of LIFA brushes !  

Duct Cleaner Robot is recommended for commercial and industrial HVAC duct cleaning. 

Technical Specifications

Main Power Supply100 - 230V (50 / 60 Hz)
Electric Cable Length21 meters (70ft)
Brush Rotation SpeedUp to 480 rpm
Noise Level50 dB (A) ISO 15744
Cameras (Front and Back)HD Color Camera
Robot Weight12 kg (26 pounds)
Robot Size

H: 20 cm (8")

W: 28 cm (11")

L: 49 cm (19")

Transport CaseAluminum (8 kg / 18 pounds), on wheels, with lifting handle