Lifa Air Combi Cleaner 40 HVAC Duct Cleaning Machine

For ducts measuring 400 - 1200mm (15.7 - 47.2"); Continuous adjustment, max. 670 rpm

A multi-use brushing machine for all your ventilation cleaning needs, CombiCleaner 40 has a 40-meter (131 ft.) cleaning axis, chemical nozzle for spray cleaning, a wheel mounted for mobility and a hand control for operating brush rotation.

It is designed to clean total of 75 meters (246 ft.) of duct from one access hatch. Chemical nozzles can be attached, which enable direct spray application of cleaning, disinfecting and duct-coating substances. The CombiCleaner 40 requires a compressor for pressured air, with an efficiency of 7-10 bar (101.5 - 145 PSI) and an air volume of 300-600 l/m (10.6 - 21.2 CFM).

A low-duty, monophase current compressor can be used when cleaning ducts measuring under 700 mm (27.6"). Larger ducts must be cleaned using the effective, three-phase current Lifa Hydrovane rotary compressor.

The diversity of the CombiCleaner 40 is further increased by chemical nozzles, which enable direct spray application of cleaning, disinfecting or duct-coating substances that are carried through the duct along with the cleaning rod. The CombiCleaner 40 can be used for solvent cleaning and disinfecting microbe-polluted ducts. A low-pressure spray accessory, attached to the brushing machine with a bayonet socket, is required for solvents.

A video camera option is available for the CombiCleaner 40. When the cleaning machine is equipped with a video camera, the user can inspect the efficiency and result of cleaning, view obstructions and check the automated steering devices via a TV monitor, during actual cleaning.

All Lifa Air brushing machines can clean round ducts or rectangular ducts. The correct choice of brush and cleaning technique ensure that rectangular ducts can also be cleaned.

The CombiCleaner 40 is built to last and will remain functional after the most intense cleaning jobs.

Connecting Lifa’s low pressure cleaning machines AirClean 3500 or HepaClean 4000 to the duct ensures the complete removal of all dirt brushed loose in the ventilation duct.

  • 40-metre (131 ft.) range cleaning axis
  • Powerful machine for extensive and demanding duct cleaning applications
  • Max. brush rotation speed  670 rpm
  • Hand control for operating and changing rotation direction of brush
  • Pneumatic brush centralizer
  • Chemical nozzles for spray cleaning
  • Camera option
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Wheel mounted for easy mobility

Technical Specifications

Operating Power

Compressed Air

Operating voltage and frequency



0,4 kW (0,6 hp)



Max torque

6,5 Nm (4.8 ft-lb)

Brush Connection


Duct Size Recommendation

400 - 1200 mm (15.7 - 47.2")

Brush Rotation Speed

Continuous Adjustment Max . 670 rpm

Rotation Controls

Manual / Air Valve

Nozzle Connection

Quick Coupling

Air Volume Consumption

400 l / min (14 CFM), 7 bar

Measurements (H x L x W)

1290 x 1100 x 570 mm (50.8  x 43.3 x 22.4")


45 kg (99 lbs)

Cleaning Shaft

40 m (131 ft.)




Pneumatic Centering Device

Hand Controller