Lifa Air Combi Cleaner 15 HVAC Duct cleaning machine

For ducts measuring 160 – 600 mm (6.3 - 23.6"); Continuous Adjustment Max . 1000 rpm

Built for grease duct cleaning, the CombiCleaner 15 is the perfect fit for cleaning small kitchen exhaust ducts or cramped spaces in residential, or office buildings. CombiCleaner 15 is designed with a pneumatic motor for brush rotation that provides a fast and deep cleaning for your ducts.

The CombiCleaner 15 brush rotates using a pneumatic motor. The Y-gear accessory is required for rotating brushes in rectangular air ducts. Minimum power required for running two brushes is 340 l/min (12 CFM) at 7 bar.

The CombiCleaner 15 cleans using a combination of brushing, air-jetting and liquid spraying through its integrated hose. Every brush from Lifa Air is compatible with the CombiCleaner 15. From soft brushes for handling everyday dirt to harder brushes for more heavy duty work such as kitchen grease, the CombiCleaner 15 is up to the task.

Technical Specifications

Operating Power

Compressed Air

Operating voltage and frequency



0,11 kW (0,15 hp)



Max torque

3 Nm (2.2 ft-lb)

Brush Connection


Duct Size Recommendation

160 - 600 mm (6.3 - 23.6")

Brush Rotation Speed

Continuous Adjustment Max . 1000 rpm

Rotation Controls

Manual / Air Valve

Nozzle Connection

Quick Coupling

Air Volume Consumption

340 l / min (12 CFM), 7 bar

Measurements (H x L x W)

910 x 640 x 480 mm (35.8  x 25.2 x 18.9")


17 kg (37 lbs)

Cleaning Shaft

15 m (49.2 ft.)




Mechanical Centering Device

Spray Bottle