Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products, if you have other questions, please just send it to
LIFAair has been pioneer of Indoor Air Quality solutions since 1988. The Headquarters, including Innovation and R&D Center of LIFAair is in Helsinki, Finland. All the professional equipment is manufactured in Finland. To meet the high demand of consumer air purifiers, we have successfully opened a LIFAair factory in Guangdong, China, where the air purifiers are assembled with strict Quality Control procedures using only best materials.
LA500 main unit 1pc (with 2pcs HEPA filter, 2pcs activated carbon barrel shape filter), power cable, smart monitor & controller unit with charger 1pc, instruction manual 1pc. LA352 main unit 1pc (inc.HEPA-filter, 4 pcs activated carbon filters), power cable, smart monitor & controller unit with charger 1pc, instruction manual 1pc.
The LA500 air purifier is optimal for rooms ranging from 31-54 m², for LA352 the optimal room size is 23-39 m²
The average power consumption of LA352 and LA500 air purifiers is less than 1KWH for 24 hours continuous running with auto mode, that's equivalent to a 30W light bulb power consumption.
Under normal conditions, the HEPA-filter for LIFAair purifier lasts for 12 months, whereas the active carbon filter lasts for 24 months. The filters lifetime varies depending on the pollution level and operating time of the machine. The smart monitor & controller unit will display remaining filter and remind when it needs to be changed.
Unplug the power cables, turn the LIFAair purifier upside down, release the bottom plate and take out used filters and replace with new filters. Next put back the lid and tighten it clockwise, turn the machine to upright position, plug the cables back and enjoy the fresh air from the purifier again.
Yes, the monitor unit will show individually remaining filter life for each filter.
The monitor has been paired with the purifier before leaving factory it will connect to the purifier automatically after powering it on, it will take about 3 minutes to precisely display the air quality.
Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code which locate at the backside of the monitor, download the “LIFA AIR”APP, then follow the instruction from APP, after setting up the monitor to the internet network successfully, you can monitor or control purifier remotely via internet.
LIFAair product series are equipped with air quality monitor & controller unit, which can monitor the level of HCHO/TVOC, PM2.5 as well as the CO2 concentration level and the monitor will display all these parameters of air.
The monitor has both monitoring air quality and remote controller function: It monitors air quality anywhere as it is, however it measures and displays temperature and humidity only when connected to the purifier.
Self-operating command center with multiple sensors, real time data is gathered and analyzed by monitor and it automatically adjust the running speed of the air purifier and calculates remaining filter life.
To pair the monitor with air purifier, swipe the touch ring of the purifier anti-clockwise until it goes in to stand-by mode (the green light will start blinking). Press “Settings” from the monitor start screen and then “Purifier Pairing”. Now do the pairing by pressing “о” symbol from the touch ring of the purifier. Pairing completed when the light stops blinking and turns white!
Please only use original LIFAair filters to ensure high performance. The filters can be bought from LIFAair Store or your local LIFAair-distributor.
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