Lifa Air LAC100 Car Air Purifier

  • Passenger car cabin
  • CO2 Sensor
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 100m3/h

Lifa Air Smart Car Air Purifier is designed to provide clean air in compact spaces. Smart Car Air Purifier is fitted with two H11-grade HEPA-filters and an activated carbon filter which ensure a rapid and efficient removal of pollutants within the environment.

LAC100 also has a built-in CO₂ sensor which alarms the user when the carbon dioxide levels exceed the alarm limit. Elevated carbon dioxide levels cause drowsiness so this will remind the driver to get fresh air and stay alert while driving.

Smart Car Air Purifier is temperature protected which means that if the temperature in the car rises above 60 °C, the air purifier ceases all functionality except temperature monitoring to protect the device.



Particle CADR

100 m³ / h

Formaldehyde CADR

9 m³ / h


26 m³ / h

Power Consumption Max.

18 W

PM2.5 Sensor


CO2 Sensor


Gross Weight

2,58 kg

Net Weight

1,9 kg

Packaging Dimensions

537 x 252 x 125 mm
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