Lifa Air LAC100 / LAC90 Car Air Purifier

  • Passenger car cabin
  • Highly efficient combination filter
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 90m3/h
CO2 Sensor :

Lifa Air Smart Car Air Purifier is designed to provide clean air in compact spaces. Smart Car Air Purifier is fitted with two H11-grade HEPA-filters and an activated carbon filter which ensure a rapid and efficient removal of pollutants within the environment.

Smart Car Air Purifier is temperature protected which means that if the temperature in the car rises above 60 °C, the air purifier ceases all functionality except temperature monitoring to protect the device.



Particle CADR

90 m³ / h100 m³ / h

Formaldehyde CADR

9 m³ / h9 m³ / h


26 m³ / h26 m³ / h

Power Consumption Max.

18 W18 W

PM2.5 Sensor


CO2 Sensor


Gross Weight

2,58 kg

Net Weight

1,9 kg

Packaging Dimensions

537 x 252 x 125 mm

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