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Lifa Air HepaClean 2500

LIFA HC2500 is designed for filtering/cleaning of airborne pollutants, such as building construction dust, pulverized asbestos, quartz, mill and wood dust etc. that forms in new and renovation of buildings....

Technical Specifications

Airflow Max (w/o filters)

2500 m³ / h (1470 CFM)


1800 m³ / h (1100 CFM)

F7 Bag Filter

2100 m³ / h (1236 CFM)

Operating Voltage

 200-277 VAC (or 100-120 VAC), 1~ 50/60 Hz

EC-Motor Power

0,5 kW / 2,5 - 1,8 A

Electric Cable

3 m (10 ft)

Measurements (L x H x W)

960 x 650 x 540 mm (37.8 x 25.6 x 21.3")

Weight (w/o filter)

57 kg (126 lbs)


Painted Steel

Readily assembled

Lockable wheels, lifting handles

Machines Equipment

Linear airflow control

Pressure gauge

Connection studs: ⌀ 305mm (12") in/out

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