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Lifa Hydmaster 40 Brushing Machine for HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

For ducts measuring 400 - 1200mm (15.7 - 47.2"); Continuous rotation speed adjustment, 225 - 880 rpm The Hydmaster is the most powerful HVAC electrical brushing machine designed for demanding...

For ducts measuring 400 - 1200mm (15.7 - 47.2"); Continuous rotation speed adjustment, 225 - 880 rpm

The Hydmaster is the most powerful HVAC electrical brushing machine designed for demanding cleaning practices within industrial sized buildings such as factories, power plants, and mills. The Lifa Hydmaster performs the most strenuous tasks using hydraulic power. The Hydmaster brush speeds past the competition with a rotating speed of 225 - 880 r/min. It operates on monophase voltage, which means the Hydmaster is quieter than other pneumatic cleaning machines. The Lifa Hydmaster cleans 75 meters (246 ft.) of duct when extended in both directions from one access hatch and its oversize brushes can rotate in narrow ducts.

The Lifa Hydmaster is a versatile brush-cleaning machine with a hydraulic drive for demanding industrial and commercial cleaning applications that need exceptional force. Hydmaster’s special features are the built-in camera and the hydraulic propulsion power produced by normal single phase electricity.

The machine uses environmentally friendly, synthetic and biodegradable oil. The hydraulic tubes have a laminated, durable nylon fiber interior making the Hydmaster the most durable brushing machine on the market.

The Lifa Hydmaster is designed for both rectangular and round ventilation ducts ranging from 400 - 1200mm (15.7 - 47.2"). The rotating speed is adjustable from 225 to 880 r/min. When set to maximum, Lifa Hydmaster’s torque, otherwise known as brushing force, is more powerful than that of any other cleaning machine. The machine can then rotate its oversized brush in narrow and smaller size ducts. You won’t have to change brushes as often with the Hydmaster, as you do with other machines. It also has and can be used, with Lifa’s specific written approval, for many other purposes (e.g. cleaning of accumulated dirt and sediment from different process pipes).

The Hydmaster is Lifa’s flagship product and is protected by a patent.

Lifa Y-Gear (accessory) gives an extra cleaning force for the corners in rectangular ducts.

  • The strongest cleaning machine on the market by far
  • 40-metre (131 ft.) range cleaning axis/shaft
  • For large ducts: ranging from 400 - 1200mm (15.7 - 47.2")
  • Max. torque 10 Nm (7.4 ft-lbs)

  • Adjustable brush rotation speed 225 - 880 rpm
  • Pneumatic foot pedal for operating and changing direction of brush rotation
  • Wheel mounted for easy mobility
  • Operates on single-phase current (normal plug-in electricity)

Technical Specifications

Operating Power

Electricity (brush motor hydraulic)

Operating voltage and frequency

240 VAC (or 110-120 VAC), 1 ~, 50 / 60 Hz


1,1 kW (1.5 hp)


16 A

Max torque

10 Nm (7.4 ft-lb)

Brush Connection


Duct Size Recommendation

400 - 1200 mm (15.7 - 47.2")

Brush Rotation Speed

Continuous Adjustment, 225 - 880 rpm

Rotation Controls

Foot Pedal, Remote Hand Control (Accessory)

Nozzle Connection


Air Volume Consumption


Measurements (H x L x W)

1290 x 1100 x 570 mm (50.8 x 43.3 x 22.4")


93 kg (205 lbs)

Cleaning Shaft

40 m (131 ft.)




Mechanical Centering Device

Hand Controller

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