Lifa Air LA500V / LA500VC Air Purifier

  • Recommended area <40-72m2
  • Very High Clean Air Output
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) 600m3/h

LA500V / LA500VC air purifiers contains a convenient touch control, which allows you to adjust the purifier's fan speed. The LA500V Air Purifier also includes the intelligent LAM01 Smart Controller

Stylish and extremely efficient air purifier for medium and large spaces. The air purifier includes two HEPA and activated carbon combination filters that allow a very high 600 m³ / h clean air delivery rate (CADR). The purifier cleans air quietly and is excellently suited for e.g. offices and public spaces, such as restaurants and hairdressers, up to 72 m².




Particle CADR 


Formaldehyde CADR 

190 m³/h 

Particle Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) 

P4 Level 

Formaldehyde Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) 

F4 Level 

Recommended area max. 

72 m² 

PM2.5 removal 

99.99 % (30min) @ 30 m² 

Bacteria removal 

99.99 % (30 min) @ 30 m² 

Power consumption max. 


Noise level 

Sleep Mode 33 dB (A) 

Turbo Mode 66 dB (A) 

Net Weight 

14 kg 

Product Dimension 

Ø 300 mm x 800 mm 

Packaging dimensions

1058 x 381 x 386 mm

Gross weight

20 kg



Filtration type 

Filter model 


Filtration class 


Particulate filter combined with gas and odor filter 


HEPA 12 & Activated carbon 

2 pcs. 


Smart Controller

(Only with LA500V)

Smart Controller 


Smart Controller’s sensors 

PM2.5, PM10, CO2, Temperature, Relative humidity 

Mobile application 

iOS, Android 


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